“The Choir”

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Downtown & Denim is an annual fundraiser for the Good Samaritan Boys Ranch. The evening involves a dinner, silent auction, and most importantly a music program. The guests are current and future supporters of the the Ranch and the goal is to continue to raise money to help fund our ... Continue


“Remember our Boys are just Kids”

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We at the Ranch take our work very seriously and understand the importance of what we’re doing. We want this to be the last placement for our boys and we know learning who they are and growing is the way to accomplish that. In trying to make this happen we ... Continue


“Saying Goodbye”

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“Saying Goodbye” I remember thinking as I began my career at the Ranch that most of my work would be dealing with adolescent boys and their behavior problems.  My job was going to be about teaching them how to make better choices, follow the rules, respect authority, be a responsible being……….I ... Continue


“A Midnight Ride”

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Horses have been a part of the Ranch for as long as I know.  Sometimes our herd is small and sometimes it is quite large.  Regardless of how many horses we have, though, they are always a part of the boys and staffs’ lives.  The horses help our guys connect, ... Continue



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Early on in my career at the Ranch I was lucky enough to be able to take a trip out West with a small group of our boys and staff. We were participating in a sporting event called the “H’Olympics”. It’s a bit like the Olmpics except it is for ... Continue